Pineda throws, looks pretty good

TAMPA, Fla. -- If Joe Girardi creates any one mantra early in spring training, it'll be: Don't try too hard.

The manager doesn't want players to try to make the team yet. Right now, he just wants players to get ready. So you can only see so much when you watch a bullpen.

Still, from my view, Michael Pineda looked pretty good on Thursday morning. The ball seemed to leave his hand fee and easy.

What does it mean in the end? Not a heck of a lot. But each and every healthy pitch that comes out of Pineda's hand is one pitch closer to him appearing in an actual game with the Yankees.

MANBAN FEELS GOOD: Manny Banuelos threw his first batting practice on Wednesday and said he felt great. Banuelos -- who has an outside chance of being the second lefty in the pen, but is more likely ticketed for Triple-A as a starter -- threw his fastball, change and curve in his 25 pitches.

Banuelos, who was very excited to go close to full-out, said he felt great.