Pettitte: Jeter hinted at retirement last year

TAMPA, Fla. -- As Andy Pettitte recalls his conversations with Derek Jeter last year, there were hints Jeter was thinking about retirement.

When Pettitte and Mariano Rivera spoke about the future, Jeter, struggling to come back from a variety of injuries, would joke around.

"He would be like, 'You guys better retire or I'm going to get on out of here before you guys,'" said Pettitte, who was in camp Monday as a two-day special instructor. "I kind of looked at him like, 'Yeah, right, whatever.' But I kind of had a feeling. I just saw a little bit of a difference in Derek seeing me and Mo go through last year."

Still, when Jeter's news hit Facebook, Pettitte was caught off guard and quickly texted his longtime friend and teammate.

"I appreciate the heads up," Pettitte said he wrote.

Jeter, according to Pettitte, responded, "You knew, dude."

As for Pettitte, he said there is no chance he will un-retire for a second time. He feels good about his final decision, retiring after the 2013 season wrapped up in his hometown of Houston.

Pettitte said the only way his ending could have been better was if the the Yankees had won a championship. And he believes Jeter will handle his own farewell tour with ease and grace.