Report: Jeter world's 11th-best leader

Derek Jeter ranks just 10 spots ahead of Angelina Jolie on Fortune's list. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

According to Fortune Magazine, Derek Jeter is the 11th greatest leader in the world, falling only behind the likes of Pope Francis, former President Bill Clinton and Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Jeter is ranked 11th on Fortune's Top 50 list of World Leaders:

As he begins his 20th and final season in pinstripes, Jeter remains the type of role-model player that even a Red Sox fan must grudgingly respect. It's not the five World Series rings he's won or his team record for career hits. In a steroid-tainted, reality-TV era, Jeter, the son of two Army veterans, continues to stand out because of his old-school approach: Never offer excuses or give less than maximum effort.

Angelina Jolie was 21st so take this list for what it is worth.