Girardi takes it out on a camera

BOSTON -- Shortly after Michael Pineda was ejected from Wednesday night's game for having pine tar on his neck, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi turned his frustrations toward an ESPN camera that was mounted in the team's dugout when it turned to follow Pineda down the runway to the clubhouse accompanied by pitching coach Larry Rothschild and trainer Stevie Donohue.

Girardi turned the camera back toward the field, and when it began to swivel back toward the runway, turned it back again.

"What frustrated me is the camera is meant for the dugout, not for the tunnel," Girardi said. "Michael was already out of the game so what I wanted was, I don’t want it down in our tunnel, that’s our private area. It has been clearly stated that that is for the dugout, not for the tunnel, not for conversations and what happens between players and coaches, and that was my beef. I didn’t break the camera, all I did was keep it from going into our tunnel. If I was really going to tear up the camera, I would have torn it up, but I was trying to get it from being in the tunnel."