Source: No video tribute for Cano

NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees have no plans to have any sort of special video tribute for Robinson Cano during his return to Yankee Stadium, an official with knowledge of the team's thought process told ESPN New York.

The Yankees feel they have not done video tributes in the past when players like David Cone, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi or David Wells have returned, the official said. In those cases, they let the fans salute the former Yankees in the fashion they saw fit. That is the Yankees' plan for tonight as well.

In Boston last week, the Red Sox played a video tribute for Jacoby Ellsbury upon his return. The negotiation between Ellsbury and the Red Sox were very different from the one between the Yankees and Cano.

The Red Sox and Ellsbury basically had little to no negotiation before Ellsbury signed with the Yankees. The Yankees tried hard to retain Cano, but he turned down their seven-year, $175 million offer in favor of Seattle's 10-year, $240 million contract.

Question: Should the Yankees have a video tribute for Cano?