CC on Cano's boos: That's New York

NEW YORK -- CC Sabathia said it didn't surprise him that Yankees fans relentlessly booed Robinson Cano upon his return to Yankee Stadium.

"It's New York," Sabathia said.

Sabathia (3-3) took the loss Tuesday night, falling for the first time to the Mariners after eight straight wins. He pitched five innings and allowed four earned runs on nine hits.

Afterward, Sabathia tried to explain Cano's side, while understanding this is how it works when a player leaves a team.

"He left to make a better decision for him and his family," Sabathia said. "He got a 10-year contract. It is what it is. People are going to be mad either way. I know, for him, he is just going out, trying to play. For us, it is not that surprising."

When Jacoby Ellsbury returned to Fenway Park earlier this month, the Red Sox fans booed him. However, they did cheer Ellsbury after a highlight reel was shown.

"We didn't do a video," Sabathia said.

Should you have? "It is out of my control," Sabathia said. "You have to ask somebody else that has control of that."

Meanwhile, Derek Jeter said he didn't think about what type of reaction Cano would receive.

"Am I surprised? No, because I didn't really go into it with any expectation," Jeter said. "Some people cheered, most people booed. Unless you go and ask everyone why they did it, [you don't know]. Some people probably booed because they wished he were here. Some people probably because they were upset he left. Some people might've booed because the people next to him were booing."

Mark Teixeira noticed how loud the sparse crowd became on this cold night.

“Considering the place was half-full, they brought out their best boos, but that’s exactly what’s expected," Teixeira said. "If you guys watched Jimmy Fallon last night, you see what happens when he’s really on the streets. The fans are supposed to boo him when he’s in here, but Robbie’s a great guy. He played his heart out when he was here, and that’s baseball. That’s sports. He’s going to get booed.”