A-Rod finally listened to Cashman

It was exactly one year ago today that Brian Cashman told Alex Rodriguez to "shut the f--- up."

Cashman's delivery was indelicate over a phone he abruptly hung up, but his advice was good. Rodriguez probably would be in a better position if he didn't decide a good offense was his best defense. All the noise on the internet, TV and in the newspapers didn't help. The lawsuits all failed. Rodriguez ended up embarrassed and suspended for a full season.

Now, it seems A-Rod is finally heeding Cashman's advice. While it may not be because of Cashman's words -- frankly, it probably isn't -- Rodriguez has stepped away from the spotlight during his exile from the game over his involvement in the Biogenesis PED case.

A source told ESPNNewYork.com last week that the Yankees are prepared to take Rodriguez back in 2015, "If he can still play." Either way, the Yankees will still pay the soon-to-be 39-year-old Rodriguez. They owe him $61 million over the next three years. If he were to hit six more homers, he would tie Willie Mays with 660 career long balls, which would be worth another $6 million.

For now, Rodriguez isn't talking to anyone. He has not had any sensational stories turn up on Page Six or TMZ. He seems to have decided to be quiet, which was Cashman's point all along.

On Deck: The Yankees finish their three-game series in Toronto on Wednesday night. Hiroki Kuroda (4-5, 4.23) versus Drew Hutchison (5-5, 3.86). Wallace Matthews will be in the press box for all the action.