Game 115: Yankees @ Royals

1:46: Cano bounces to second and that's it, Yanks lose, 4-3 after five hours, 36 minutes. My how time flies when you're having fun!

1:45: A-Rod singles to left, Jeter goes to third and Cano is up with tying run 90 feet away

1:44: Tex strikes out and it's all up to a-Rod. Of course

1:42: Yanks should be down to their last out but Kendall flubs Teixeira's pop up in foul territory

1:41: Granderson gives it a ride to left but Gordon hauls it in for the first out

1:39: Jeter leads off the ninth with a single to left

1:36: Joba gets Aviles to fly to right and Joakim Soria will come on to face Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira in the ninth

1:32: Logan strikes out Ka'ahue and Gordon in the eighth and Girardi decides to bring in Joba to face Aviles

1:24: Gardner grounds out to first and Yankees will be down to their final three outs

1:23: Swisher not happy after strikes out on a fastball

1:20: Royals have Pena picked off but botch the rundown and Pena gets to second, gets credit for a stolen base

1:19: After Berkman lines to left, Swisher hits for Kearns

1:17: Yanks get a leadoff runner as Betemit boots Posada's grounder. Ramiro Pena in to run for Jorge

1:14: Yanks use two pitchers to get three outs in the seventh, two by Wood, one by Boone Logan. and now, the Royals have Wood -- Blake Wood -- pitching in the eighth

1:04: Gaudin pitched a good 1-2/3, with 3 Ks; Kerry Wood no pitching for Yanks

12:56: Royals down in order in the sixth with help from a great sliding, over-the-shoulder the catch by Teixeira in foul territory on Betancourt

12:48: Granderson grounds to short to end the inning

12:46: Gardner steals second

12:45: Jeter flies to right, Kearns goes to third

12:44: Gardner walks and Jeter's got two runners on

12:42: Kearns singles with one out in the sixth

12:37: Gaudin Ks Aviles to end the fifth. RHP Jesse Chavez coming in to pitch the sixth for KC

12:36: Gaudin wild pitches the runners to second and third

12:35: Gaudin strikes out Gordon for the second out

12:33: and it's like the delay never happened: Gaudin walks Ka'ahue, Royals have two on with one out

12:32: Chad Gaudin pitching for the Yankees in the bottom of the fifth inning, which started two hours, 34 minutes ago

12:31; And the game resumes after a delay of 2:10

12:27: The Yankees are back on the field but I'll believe they;re going to play this one when I see it

11:56: And the tarp is going back on the field. It's been an incredible display of efficiency by the KC grounds crew

11:53: Lightning flashing above the stadium Girardi looks like he's calling his players back into the dugout

11:46: Check that. Tentative re-start time 12:00 midnight NY time. TGIF

11:46: False alarm. Looks like crew is just draining the water off

11:45: tarp coming off even tho rain still coming down

10:23: if it stays like this, it's an official game and Butler has hisself a GWHR

10:21: Moseley walks Betemit and here comes the tarp making its hourly visit to the field

10:19: Butler curls a 2-1 pitch just inside the foul pole, bounces back and hits Kearns in the head, HR gives Royals back the lead, 4-3 in the fifth

10:16: Yanks down in order in the fifth and Mother Nature must have let the grounds crew in on her plans because they are ready to go as we start the home half of the inning

10:14: With two out in the fifth and no rain coming down, the grounds crew is poised behind the tarp again, ready to roll

10:10: Blanco grounds into 363 DP to end the inning

10:08: Betancourt singles to center with one out

10:04: Yanks strand Gardner when Teixeira strikes out

10:06: Granderson pops to short for the second out. Temp has dropped from 98 at game time to 73 after rainstorm

10:00: Jeter pops out to the pitcher trying to bunt

9:59: Gardner leads off the fourth with a double to left

9:56: Rain delay did Moseley good, gets his first 1-2-3 inning of the game

9;52: Game resumes after 31 minute delay, Ka'ahue grounds out to first

9:46: Game tentatively set to resume at 9:55

9:39: Tarp coming off now

9:21: And here comes the tarp

9:20: Davies strikes out Kearns to finally end the inning

9:17: we've got a tie game as Berkman doubles to right, Posada goes to third.

9:16: Royals miss inning-ending DP as Betancourt's relay throw pulls Davies off the bag at first, allowing Posada to reach safely, A-Rod to third

9:13: Cano singles to right and it's 3-2 Royals

9:12: Aviles loses the handle on A-Rod's smash up the middle, score it a single and an RBI, 3-1 KC

9:11: Teixeira doubles down RF line, Yanks have second and third, one out

9:10: Granderson singles to center with one out in the third, his third hit in 4 ABs with completely reformed swing

9:09: If you;re keeping score at home the rain has tapered off a bit here in KC

9:02: Blanco steals third as Butler walks

9:01: Blanco steals second, his second of the game, KC's third in two innings

8:59: Royals get another run on Kendall's sac fly to left

8:58: And the rain is falling here in KC

8:53: Blanco bunts up the first base line, eludes Teixeira's tag, KC has first and third, one out

8:51: No. 9 hitter in the KC lineup, Yuniesky Betancourt, lines 0-2 pitch into LF corner for a double, 2-0 Royals

8:50: Moseley walks Maier and Royals have first and second with one out

8:48: Aviles steals second

8:47: Mike Aviles picks up Royals fourth hit off Moseley with one out in the second

8:34: The Kauffman grounds crew just came marching onto the field in formation and are standing by at the ready for when the skies open up

8:32: Ka'ahue flies to center and Moseley escapes despite allowing three hits in the first inning

8:31: Betemit singles just beyond Cano's reach, Royals have first and second with two out

8:29: Butler singles to left but Gardner easily guns down Blanco at the plate for the seocnd out

8:28: With one out, Blanco stals second and the wind is kicking up here. Rain is on the way

8:23: Gregor Blanco, who left last night's game with heat exhaustion, singles leading off against Dustin Moseley

8:17: Cano lines to right to end the inning

8:17: A-Rod grounds to SS, runners move up

8:16: Teixeira walks, Yanks have two on with one out

8:11: Jeter singles to center

8:10: Kyle Davies first pitch is a ball to Jeter. 98 degrees here tonight, thunderstorms expected shortly

Pre-game Clubhouse Chatter: Curtis Granderson, who had two hits with his new swing Thursday night, slides into the No. 2 hole normally occupied by Nick Swisher tonight for a couple of reasons. One, Joe Girardi thought Swisher needed a night off after nearly being wiped out by the heat Thursday night; two, Girardi said he liked the way Granderson swung the bat last night, and three, his career numbers vs. Kyle Davies: 6-for-18 (.333) with two homers and 5 RBI . . . Austin Kearns, who has made all of his six starts as a Yankee in LF, moves to right tonight replacing Swisher in the field . . .Lance Berkman, who had Thursday off, is back at the DH and batting seventh . . . the air-conditioning on the Yankees team bus did not work during the half-hour ride from their hotel to the ballpark, which made for a busload of sweaty, irritable players arriving at the visitor's clubhouse at 4 p.m. Several were already tearing off their shirts as they entered the air-conditioned room, a relief that had Joba Chamberlain exclaiming "Sweet Jesus!'' as he walked through the door. It was so hot, even John Sterling removed his ever-present sports coat.

Here are tonight's lineups, first pitch at 8:10 p.m.:


Jeter SS

Granderson CF

Teixeira 1B

A-Rod 3B

Cano 2B

Posada C

Berkman DH

Kearns RF

Gardner LF

Moseley RHP


Blanco CF

Kendall C

Butler 1B

Betemit 3B

Ka'ahue DH

Gordon LF

Aviles 2B

Maier RF

Betancourt SS

Davies RHP