Upton: Yanks won't let me wear Tigers gear

NEW YORK -- Kate Upton describes it as a "bad breakup."

Not with Justin Verlander. They're still together, and that's actually the cause of the "bad breakup" -- with the Yankees.

Upton was at Yankee Stadium this week to see Verlander when the Detroit Tigers were in town. You may have noticed her, sitting right behind the Tigers dugout. You may have seen Verlander roll a baseball to her.

You may have noticed what she was wearing, or rather what she wasn't wearing. No Tigers cap. No Tigers shirt.

Friday, when Upton appeared on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" as Kelly Ripa's fill-in, she explained.

"I felt it, too, when I walked in," Upton said. "They told me, the Yankees told me, you're not allowed to wear a Tigers hat, you're not allowed to wear any Tigers gear."

Upton said that she was a Yankees fan before she began dating Verlander.

She also said that Verlander told her that he likes to be "angry" before he takes the mound.

"He'd seem like he was in a bad mood before he pitched, so I'd be like joke, joke, joke, joke, trying to cheer him up," Upton told co-host Michael Strahan. "He got mad at me. He said, 'Stop making me laugh, I'm trying to be angry.'"

She said Verlander told her that "anytime we're fighting I'm wearing a Yankees hat, and when we're getting along I'm wearing a Tigers hat."

So maybe the Yankees just didn't want them getting along.

Whatever they did, maybe it worked, at least a little bit. Verlander had one of his better games in recent weeks, but the Yankees beat him 5-1.