The 'real' Jeter Top 20 Teammates list

NEW YORK -- Today on the blog we posted a photo gallery of "Derek Jeter's 20 Greatest Teammates." I, among others, was asked to provide 20 names for the list, which I did. I must say, I was not entirely pleased with the final consensus. I, for one, would not have included Randy Johnson, a sour presence for his entire two years in pinstripes, or Pudge Rodriguez, a Yankee for all of 33 games, or Gary Sheffield, who took some unwarranted racial shots at Jeter after leaving the organization.

I was also appalled at a couple of glaring omissions: Hideki Matsui, Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez and Johnny Damon.

Here is the list I submitted, in no particular order of importance except that this is the way it came off the top of my head: (No, Chad Curtis and Ruben Rivera did not make the cut).

Mariano Rivera

Jorge Posada

Bernie Williams

Andy Pettitte

Paul O'Neill

Tino Martinez


Joe Girardi

Scott Brosius

Darryl Strawberry

Alfonso Soriano

David Cone

El Duque

David Wells

Mike Mussina

Robinson Cano


CC Sabathia

Roger Clemens

And yes, Alex Rodriguez