Yanks' hitters held meeting, 'cleared the air'

NEW YORK -- Ballplayers generally do not like to share what is said behind closed doors, but Chase Headley inadvertently opened that Pandora's box when he mentioned, rather casually, that some of the position players had gotten together before the game to air things out. The star of the game, Brandon McCarthy, was not even involved, and Francisco Cervelli, who was preparing with his pitcher, apparently did not know about it when asked afterward.

But team meetings always get the media blood flowing, and when someone dropped the "M" word -- as in, "Was this a meeting?" -- Headley seemed to realize he might have said too much.

"Just some of the position players got together and said, 'Enough is enough, and let's go,'" he said.

So where did this "meeting" take place?

"Just in a room," he said.

And who called it?

"I don't know if it was anybody in particular," he said. "It was just a couple of guys talking. I don't know if you'd really call it a meeting. I'm not going to really go into detail there, who got us together. It was just guys getting together and kind of talking about how things have been going and what we can get better at."

Brett Gardner was also clearly uncomfortable about discussing what went on in the clubhouse before the game.

"We just had a little meeting this morning and talked about some things, kind of cleared the air," he said. "A lot of guys talked. It was good."

Cleared the air, huh?

"Listen, it was a meeting," he said. "You guys weren’t there and we were there. That’s it. Everything was positive. It was a good talk and hopefully we continue to do what we did today -- and that’s win.”

Whatever it was, it worked -- for one inning, anyway.