Game 118: Tigers @ Yankees

10:56: Now it's 2-2 as Jeter takes one, fouls one

10:55: Valverde couldn;t find the plate if you rubbed his nose in it, goes 2-0 on Jeter

10:53: Gardner walks to force in Yankees first run in 17-1/3 innings, now Jeter up with a chance to tie it, win it --or lose it with a DP

10:51: Valverde in full meltdown mode, throws one to the backstop but it comes back too quick for runners to advance; now, Detroit trainer out to see him

10:48: Valverde's not even close with 3-1 pitch to Cervelli, unless you;re talking about his Gonzo head. Walk loads the bases for Gardner with one out

10:44: Granderson;s third hit of the night brings tying run to the plate and it's . . . it's . . .it's . . . the Cisco Kid!

10:42: Cano pulls a 4-pitch walk to start the inning

10:40: Cano, Posada, Granderson trying to make up 3-run deficit vs. valverde in the ninth

10:33: Cabrera smacks Joba's 1-2 slider over the RF fence and it's 3-0 Tigers in the ninth

10:27: Cervelli going out to 3B, Posada behind the plate, Yankees lose their DH, Joba Chamberlain now pitching and -- wait for it -- batting cleanup!

wait for it10:26: Thames grounds to SS and that's it for the eighth

10:23; Girardi sends up Marcus Thames to hit for Pena

10:23: Teixeira walks and it's all up to the third-baseman. Who happens to be Ramiro Pena right now

10:15: Kearns lines a hard single to left with two out in the eighth, Teixeira coming up in a clutch spot here and Tigers go to closer Jose Valverde

10:08: Wood catches Damon looking at a fastball to end the eighth

10:04: Wood gets two quick outs, then walks Avila and Jackson, sets Johnny Mohawk up for some heroics here

9:52: You've been Cerved!. Cervelli bounces out to short to end the Yankees only threat of the night

9:49: And Phil Coke's work here is done, leaves two on, two out for RHP Ryan Perry. And Girardi has only Marcus Thames on his bench

9:47: Granderson doubles into RF corner, Posada to third, and a timely hit by Cervelli would tie the game

9:47: Injury update: A-Rod, tight left calf, Swisher tight right forearm. No tests planned

9:46: Posada's infield single with two out in the seventh is Yanks third of the night

9:44: Scherzer's line: 6IP, 2H, 0R, 2BB, 6Ks. Mitre: 2-2/3IP, 1H, 1BB, 1K

9:40: Ex-Yank Phil Coke, part of the infamous Granderson-for-Austin Jackson deal, now pitching for Detroit

9:38: YES Network's Jack Curry reporting Swisher left with injured right biceps

9:36: After Mitre gets two out in the seventh, Girardi gets Wood -- Kerry Wood -- out of the pen to pitch to Raburn

9:28: Teixeira strikes out to end the inning and the boo-birds are roosting again

9:26: Kearns dribbles out to the pitcher, but real question is, what's up with Swisher now?

9:24: Jeter picks up the Yankees second hit of the game with a line single to center; Austin Kearns batting for Swisher

9:17: Mitre works out of trouble by popping up Damon, getting Boesch to tap to Cervelli. 2 runs for Tigers, 1 hit for Yanks

9:14; Swisher can't come up with Jackson's bllop to right, base hit, then Jax steals second wth one out in the sixth

9:08: Granderson gets caught stealing second to end the inning. Yankees have three hits in their last 14 innings

9:06: Scherzer walks Granderson with one out in the fifth and now his pitch count is 92 and climbing

9:00: Jeter makes his first error in 52 games, dating back to June 12, when his throw pulls Teixeira off the bag on Cabrera's grounder leading off the fifth, but Mitre works out of trouble to keep the Tigers off the board

8:50: Good news: Mitre now pitching for the Yankees. Bad news: Ramiro Pena now playing third. where's A-Rod?

8:48: Cano grounds out, inning is over. Tigers still up, 2-0, and Yankees still only have one hit

8:44: Scherzer goes 3-0 on A-Rod, battles back to full count, then gets him to pop to short right for the second out

8:40: Tigers botch Tex's infield pop up. Give E to SS Peralta, runner on first, one out, a-rod up

8:33: Boesch taps out and Javy has thrown 106 p to get through four innings

8:29: Javy's 100th pitch of the game is ball four to Damon with two out in the fourth

8:25: Javy Ks Avila on a slider for the first out

8:24: Javy starts the fourth with 84 pitches in the account already

8:21: Jeter bounces into inning-ending DP and 3B Inge flips it sidearm to first to beat Jeter

8:19: Gardner walks and Yanks have two on for Jeter

8:16: Yanks get Granderson to second on Cervelli's ground out

8:12: Yanks get first hit of the night on Granderson's liner to left, and the rain is falling again

8:09: Tichenor punches out Peralta on a FB that looked high, but Yanks and Javy are glad to have it

8:05: Inge grounds into a forceout, first and third, two out, but Cano botches the flip to Jeter so no chance for much-needed DP

8:02: Raburn lines out hard to center, then Inge just misses a home run on first pitch, lands 10 feet foul in left

8:01: Guillen singles past Jeter, Cabrera goes to second, Tigers two on, none out in the third

7:59: Never a good idea to walk the leadoff hitter but Javy does it anyway in the third

7:56: Posada strikes out and this looks like KC all over again

7:51: A-Rod swings through 92 MPH heater and Scherzer has now K'd three of first four Yankees

7:46: Javy doesn;t get the call on 2-2 fastball by HP ump Todd Tichenor, comes right back to K Boesch on curveball

7:43: Fans running for the exits but it has nothing to do with Javy--it's raining again in th eBronx

7:40: Javy walks Damon to load the bases for Boesch

7:39: as Javy laobors against Johnny Mohawk, Sergio Mitre gets up in the Yankee pan

7:38: Javy bringin the gas, hits the big 9-0 for the first time against Jackson, who flies out to deep center

7:37: Birds are in the house -- boo-birds, that is -- as Javy walks No. 9 hitter Avila on four pitches

7:34: Javy sneaks a 94 MPH Fb past Inge, but Peralta singles, Tigers have man on first, one out in the second

7:32: Ryan Rabun has left the building via the Javy Helicopter, a curveball that did nothing but spin. 2-0 Tigers

7:30: Carlos Guillen smacks Javy's first offering of the second inning into the RF corner for a leadoff double

7:26: swisher goes down looking at 96 MPH heat, two down

7:24: Jeter flings away the bat on a 3-2 pitch, but it's not ball 4, its strike 3

7:20: Javy K's Miguel Cabrera with a FB clocked at 89

7:17: Javy has gotten ahead of every hitter so far, but gives up two-out single to Boesch on 0-2 changeup

7:16: Damon breaks his bat on soft liner back to Vazquez, two out

7:12: Johnny Damon gets a great hand from the crowd, tips his helmet before stepping in

7:11: Javy throws a FB (88) past Jackson for the first out

7:09: Javier Vazquez' first pitch is an 84-MPH fastball to Austin Jackson

Pre-Game Clubhouse Chatter: Standard-issue Yankee lineup vs. right-hander, minus Lance Berkman, whose sprained rigfht ankle is too sore and swollen for him to play tonight. Berkman's status is day-to-day . . . Andy Pettitte and Alfredo Aceves are both oin schedule to throw Tuesday, Pettitte playing catch and if all goes well, throwing off a mound in Tamps and Aceves working "three or 40''--three innings or 40 pitches, whatever comes first, for AA Trenton . . . Surprising news from Joe Girardi; "I think Nick Johnson's wrist hurts again. He's been doing some work and it's sore. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but kind of a setback for him. It doesn't look too good.'' In other words, see you in 2011 . . . After being shut down on sunday in Kansas City by Bryan Bullington, a right-hander they had never seen before, the Yankees find themselves in a similar situation tonight with Max Scherzer, who is making his first start against them. Only two players in the starting lineup, Curtis Granderson (1-3) and Mark Teixeira (0-1) have ever faced Scherzer. . . Johnny Damon exchanged greetings and hugs behind the batting cage with Girardi, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Teixeira. Interestingly, Damon and Granderson, one of the players the Yankees acquired in the off-season to replace Damon, crossed paths on the field but did not speak.

Here are tonight's lineups. First pitch at 7:05 p.m.:


Jackson CF

Damon DH

Boesch RF

Cabrera 1B

Guillen 2B

Raburn LF

Inge 3B

Peralta SS

Avila C

Scherzer RHP


Jeter SS

Swisher RF

Teixeira 1B

Rodriguez 3B

Cano 2B

Posada DH

Granderson CF

Cervelli C

Gardner LF

Vazquez RHP