Girardi: My kind of town . . .

. . . New York City is. The Yankees manager, who because of his ties to Chicago is considered a natural replacement for the just-retired Lou Piniella for the 2011 season, did his best to nip such talk in the bud before tonight's Yankees-Blue Jays game.

"I'm sure I'm gonna be asked that a lot now that he's stepped down,'' Girardi said. "My focus is here. I have a responsibility to the organization and to the guys in that clubhouse and that's where my focus is. I'm very happy here, you know what? Great working relationship here with everyone involved and I'm very happy here. This organization has been great to me.

"I know I have a background there and I'm not gonna skirt around my background there. I grew up a Cubs fan, I played for the Cubs, but I'm not worried about that now. Im worried about what we're doing now. We're in a fight.''