Game 133: Athletics @ Yankees

10:03: Suzuki swings over one and that's all folks, Yankees win 4-3 in a brisk 2:55.

10:02: Suzuki just gets a piece of 2-2 cutter and it's not over yet

10:01: Barton steals second on 1-2 pitch to Suzuki, tying run in scoring position now

9:59: Jeter makes a great stop on Barton's grounder to his left, but throw is a fraction late; As have a runner on with two out and Suzuki at bat

9:57: Mo snags Crisp's comebacker for the second out

9:56: Pennington bounces to first for out no. 1

9:54: Pennington, Crisp, Barton coming up for Oakland in the ninth

9:53: Mo Rivera coming on to protect the one-run lead in the ninth; Chad Moeller catching

9:50: Posada gets himself ejected for arguing with HP ump Daa DeMuth after being punched out on pitch that looked outside. Good thing Chad Moeller was called up today

9:48: Bob geren goes to RHP Andrew Bailey to face Nunez. Girardi sends Berkman up to hit and he doubles to right-center gap. Then, Girardi sends up Posada to hit for Cervelli

9:41: Wood and Yanks escape as Davis bounces into inning-ending forceout

9:38: Wood has Larish 0-2 but winds up walking him. First and second, two out for Davis .

9:32: Ellis lines a single to center with two out off Wood

9:27: Logan does his job, K-ing lefty Jack Cust, and here comes the human rain delay, Joe Girardi, to change pitchers. K Wood now pitching for the yankees

9:22: Kearns flies out to end the seventh; Boone Logan coming in to pitch the eighth

9:20: With two out in the seventh,, Crisp breaks back on Thames' fly ball, which drops in front of him for a single

9:15: LHP Craig Breslow now pitching for Oakland

9:12: Suzuki hacks at the first pitch and pops out to left to end the inning

9:11: after getting the second out on a grounder in front of the plate, Joba gives up hits to Crisp and Barton, A's have frst and third, two out and Suzuki batting

9:08: Davis chases Joba's fastball out of the strikezone for the first out of the seventh

9:04: Yanks down quietly and we go to the seventh of a one-run game and Joba Chamberlain coming on to pitch

8:54: AJ gets Larish swinging over another nasty curve to end the sixth, that;s 8 Ks n 6 innings

8:51: AJ's curve working well tonight, gets another looking K on Kouzmanoff

8:33: Barton just misses a game tying HR as his drive to left lands one seat to the wrong side of the foul pole

8:30: As draw to within one on Crisp's groundout. Yanks up 4-3 in the fifth

8:28: With one out, Davis steals third

8:25: Rajai Davis greets AJ with a double in left-center gap leading off the fifth

8:10: AJ going bad before our eyes, falls behind 2-0 to Kouzmanoff, then grooves a fastball that lands in RF seats, cutting the lead to 4-2

8:06: Suzuki hits the first hard-hit ball of the night off Burnett, a rocket over Teixeira's head for a double leading off the fourth

7:50: Tex threads the needle between SS Pennington and 3B Kouzmanoff, two runs score, 4-0 yanks in the second on three unearned runs

7:48: Swisher walks to load the bases for tex, who already has an RBI double tonight

7:45: Cervelli Ks but jeter's hustle he;lps A's botch a routine 3-1, Granderson scores from second on the error,

7:42: after singles by Granderson and Nunez, Yanks have two on, one out for Cervelli

7:36: Rajai davis' pop to short right completes an easy second inning

7:36: AJ gets Larish with the same pitch

7:34: Burnett strikes out Mark Ellis with a nasty hook

7:28: Base-running gaffe by Tex costs the Yanks an out as he gets thrown out at third trying to advance on Cano's grounder to SS

7:26: Yanks get a run as teixeira double off th ebase of the LF wall, Jeter scores, 1-0

7:24: jeter busts his 0-12 slump with a leadoff single off Brett Anderson

7:18: Kouzmanoff flies out to end the inning without damage

7:17: Burnett freezes Cust with a fastball on the inside corner for the second out

7:14: after exciting the crowd by striking out Crisp, Burnett quiets it again by walking Daric Barton and surrendering a single to left by Kurt Suzuki. Two on, one out, DH Jack Cust hitting

7:08: Burnett's first pitch is a strike to Coco Crisp. 85 degrees here tonight

Here are tonight's lineups, first pitch at 7:05 p.m.:


Crisp CF

Barton 1B

Suzuki C

Cust DH

Kouzmanoff 3B

Ellis 2B

Larish LF

Davis RF

Pennington SS

Anderson LHP


Jeter SS

Swisher RF

Teixeira 1B

Cano 2b

Thames DH

Kearns LF

Granderson CF

Nunez 3B

Cervelli C

Burnett RHP