Why Joe? Why?

This is going to be the most interesting postgame of the year. Joe Girardi is going to have to explain why he turned to Chad Gaudin -- Chad Gaudin! -- in the 10th inning and Sergio Mitre -- Sergio Mitre -- of a scoreless game with the division on the line.

Unless there are undisclosed injuries, why would he go to Gaudin and Mitre over David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain or even Javy Vazquez? Again, unless he knows something we don't, it makes no sense.

Girardi has said the division is important, but he won't get guys hurt to win it. OK, but unless there is a flu bug we don't know about, Mitre should not have been in there to give up the game-winner to Reid Brignac.

He did on the first batter he faced. It was weird. We will have more soon.

We will ask Joe: Why?