Game 145: Yankees @ Rays

10:34: Jorge Posada just hit a bomb off former Met Dan Wheeler. Mo is warming in the pen.

10:04: Three up, three down for the Yanks' heart of order.

9:56: Joba is in in the seventh, looking wel rested with another K.

9:35: They Yankees tie it up on Cano's single, but they leave the bases loaded in the fifth as Kearns and Curtis can't come through.

9:22: Yankees rallying, maybe. A-Rod up with runners on first and second. A-Rod bounces into fielder's choice.

9:12: First homer for Aybar since June 29th.

9:11: Logan comes in and Aybar goes out, nailing a three-run homer, a dagger, and just like that the Rays lead, 7-6.

9:06: There goes Super Nova. Couldn't get out of the fifth. It is suddenly 6-4.

9:04: Longoria with an RBI single. The Yankees may have to piece this one together. Suddenly, it is 6-3 Yankees.

8:51: Nova gets taken deep by Pena and then gives up an RBI single to John Jaso.

8:49: Yankees spanked Garza fro six runs and nine hits. Yikes.

8:34: This is the breakout game the Yankees needed. A-Rod and Cano have now gone deep. A-Rod's, a high and far shot, that landed just over the left center field wall.

8:00: A-Rod with hard, line single to left. 2-nil.

7:57: Granderson in the middle of that run. His second double of the night Tex, bad little piggie and everything, hits a sac fly.

7:51: Brignac retired 3-1 as Nova again shows his toughness, overcoming bad pickoff.

7:40: Yankees can't hit with RISP. After two singles by Cano and Berkman, Kearns and Curtis K, while Cervelli hits into a forceout.

7:29: Nova pitches out of first and second trouble, getting a little foul popup from Matt Joyce.

7:18: A-Rod, nor Teixeira, can come through.

7:13: Granderson with a double into left center field. Yanks in business with Teixeira up.

7:11: We are under way. Gaudin unavailable.

Yankees Lineup:

Jeter, SS

Granderson, CF

Teixeira, 1B

Rodriguez, 3B

Cano, 2B

Berkman, DH

Kearns, LF

Curtis, RF

Cervelli, C

Nova, P

Rays Lineup