Who replaces Andruw?

Since Andruw Jones nearly failed to get a hit in the whole second half and then didn't make the postseason roster, it was expected that he would not be back with the Yankees. On Tuesday it became official. Jones is going to Japan.

Jones had just 15 hits in the second half and batted .142.

With Ichrio Suzuki about to be signed, the Yankees will to look to add a right-handed bat.

Scott Hairston is the most popular choice, but it would be a little surprising if the Yankees throw much, if any, 2014 dough in front of Hairston. With the demand for Hairston's services, he figures to be able to sign up to be more than just a platoon player. The same is likely true of Cody Ross and Delmon Young.

So, in other words, maybe the Yankees will find a right-handed hitting outfielder on the trade market. Any suggestions?