Could Big Z be a fit in pinstripes?

While Brian Gordon pitched well replacing the injured Bartolo Colon on Thursday, it’s no secret that the Yankees are keeping an eye open for pitchers that they can possibly acquire or sign to help bolster the staff for the long run.

With the Yankees headed into Chicago for interleague play this weekend, could one of those pitchers be Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano? ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine tackled the topic in a recent blog post, which you can read all of at this link: http://espn.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/id/4932/with-n-y-in-town-let-big-z-speculation-begin.

According to Levine, several top advisers to Yankees GM Brian Cashman recently watched Zambrano on a recent 10-game road trip. While Zambrano has a full no-trade clause, Levine wonders if Zambrano would be willing to waive it to play for a contender like the Yankees. The Cubs are in fifth place in the NL Central and 12 games under .500.

Levine writes that the good relationship between Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild, who used to serve the same position for the Cubs, and Zambrano, can be considered a plus for the two teams. Zambrano is 5-4 with a 4.59 ERA.

The blog says that there are some Yankees personnel who have more interest in starter Ryan Dempster, but the Cubs are not interested in dealing him. Levine says if the Cubs were to trade Zambrano, who has $27 million left on his deal, they could shed salary and get back some cheap talent.

With regard to being traded, Levine talked to former Yankee Alfonso Soriano, whom the team dealt in 2003 for slugger Alex Rodriguez.

"It's not the worst thing," Soriano told Levine. "When I got traded from the Yankees [for Alex Rodriguez] to Texas, that was a difficult one. But when I got traded to Washington, that's just part of the game. We work for the team. They do what they want to."

So what do you think fans? Should the Yankees take a gamble on the Big Z? Or should they stay away? Is there another arm that you think the Yankees should trade for? Let us know in the comments section below.