No fall baseball? Two fall guys

NEW YORK -- Whenever the Yankees don't play fall baseball, someone has to take the fall. In this case, they have isolated the cause of their problems in 2013 and determined it was twofold: strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea and advance scout Charlie Wonsowicz, both of whom had been with the club for more than a decade.

I don't know why Wonz got the ax, but according to a source in the Yankees' clubhouse, the team somehow decided to blame Cavalea for the unprecedented rash of injuries that hit the aging Yankees roster last season. Apparently, Cavalea was told he wasn't tough enough on getting the players to stick to their fitness routines, as if any coach, or manager for that matter, can really tell a multimillionaire professional athlete with a guaranteed contract what to do in the gym and when to do it -- or more importantly, even should have to.

From what I am told, the Yankees are looking for more of a "drill-sergeant type" for 2014. That should go over real well, especially with the guys who are, shall we say, a little reluctant to sweat blood in the gym.

The funny thing is the Yankees as a group appeared to be well-conditioned this season, with one or two exceptions. You can figure out who they are for yourself.

In any event, Cavalea, 30, has opened up his own training facility, ML Strength, in White Plains and may soon be expanding into Long Island. Wonsowicz is a knowledgeable baseball man who will wind up with a job somewhere, maybe even with Major League Baseball.