Notes: A silent Joe, and a healthy Nix

Yankees manager Joe Girardi declined to say who would be on his 25-man roster, or who would start Game 2 of the ALDS, in his news conference with reporters on Friday.

He did say CC Sabathia will start Game 1.

Other notes from Friday:

• We told you what we thought the roster would be, but Girardi wasn't as forthcoming, so we asked around to try to find out who made the cut and who did not.

The most interesting thing we learned is that Jayson Nix (hip flexor) took extra BP today and thinks he is healthy enough to play in the ALDS.

Now, a player thinking he is ready is different than the coaching staff or front office thinking the same. Nevertheless, if Nix can play, he could take Andruw Jones' spot on the roster.

After all, who would you rather have on defense if need be -- Eduardo Nunez or Nix? Plus, without Nix, if Nunez is the DH against a lefty, the Yankees would have to give up the DH if Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano got hurt. So Nix is a possibility.

• Prior to the Yankees' workout on Friday, Cody Eppley said he hadn't heard if he was on or off the roster. We think Derek Lowe will get the nod over Eppley.

Casey McGehee was packing up and looked pretty shaken up. He confirmed he will not be on the roster.

• As mentioned above, Girardi wouldn't say who is starting Game 2 -- it will be either Andy Pettitte or Hiroki Kuroda. Wallace Matthews says it should be Pettitte.