Nunez in left? Joe deemphasizes it

When Brett Gardner went on the disabled list, Joe Girardi said on Wednesday that besides Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez, Eduardo Nunez could play in left.

On Thursday, Girardi didn't say never mind on Thursday, but he came close to it in regards to Nunez in left. It doesn't sound like Nunez will be playing much left, if any, at all with Gardner on the DL.

Girardi said he will play Ibanez and Jones in left during Gardner's absence. One of the reasons, the Yankees liked Ibanez over Johnny Damon is because they felt he is a better outfielder at this point in his career.

Nunez is starting at second on Thursday night and, with Girardi planning to DH Derek Jeter Saturday, Nunez will likely be at short then.