Ex-Yankee Ventura offers his support to Clemens

Robin Ventura shared a clubhouse with Roger Clemens in 2002 and 2003 while both players were with the Yankees. Clemens pleaded not guilty on Monday to six felony counts related to his testimony before Congress in 2008, during which he denied using steroids or HGH. Ventura offered support for his former teammate on Wednesday afternoon.

“I’ve been reading about it in the papers and it’s unfortunate,” Ventura said of Clemens’ legal situatiuon. “He was a great teammate and a good friend. It’s just one of those things that you hope it all works out for him.”

Ventura was speaking at the TimesCenter in Manhattan on Wednesday, where he participated in the announcement of the Capital One Cup, an award given to the top athletic programs in Division I. The Cup is awarded based on a program’s cumulative on-field performance across multiple men’s and women’s sports played in all three seasons.