Olney: How will Yanks replace Tex?

Joe Petruccio for ESPNNewYork.com

Yankees officials know from experience that's it's within the realm of possibility that Mark Teixeira could be back and banging balls into the upper deck by late spring, or that his wrist problem could essentially wash out his season. Everything else can be working great for a hitter, but if there's a problem with the wrists or hands, that's a game-changer. Michael Bourn was a candidate for a top-10 MVP vote in the first half of the 2012 season, hitting .311, and in the second half, he batted .225, while fighting through a wrist injury.

But for planning purposes, the Yankees cannot worry about that. They listen to the projections from their doctors, and the timeline that has been presented to them is that Curtis Granderson will be back sometime early in the season, after a month, and Teixeira will be back soon after that. Given that information, they almost certainly won't go out and make some hyper-aggressive move; they're much more likely to scan the list of guys who are losing job battles in other camps, players who are cut free.

As they do their due diligence, they might at least talk about someone like a Scott Rolen. Don Kelly could be a fit (total speculation), if he doesn't win a spot with the Detroit Tigers. Maybe Russ Canzler, one of the kings of the waiver wire in the winter and was claimed and then lost by the Yankees in the offseason, will pass through again (although he put on a show for the Orioles Wednesday.

There are some silver linings for the Yankees. Buster has them right here, along with more links and possibilities (Insider)