Peace in our time: Yanks-Red Sox Love

In the Yankees vs. Brewers dustup, big market vs. small market, the Yankees have an unlikely adversary in the fight.

The Red Sox are on their side.

In our world now, the best way to show your approval is the re-tweet -- and the wife of Red Sox owner John Henry, Linda Pizzuti, gave the Yankees tacit approval by giving ESPNNewYork.com a re-tweet of our Randy Levine tells the Brewers to stop whining story. (Thanks to ESPN.com colleague Amy K. Nelson for the heads up. Read her Jason Bay story here.)

Meanwhile, the Commish, Bud Selig, was not as interested to talk about it. He declined our opportunity to speak on the matter.

I did speak to Maury Brown, the president of the BizofBaseball.com to better understand why the two teams are seemingly aligned.

Brown didn't use these exact words, but basically the Yankees and Red Sox do not want to be corporate welfare for the bottom rung teams like the Pirates, Royals and the Marlins. (The Marlins, of course, are often good, but they were forced to spend some of their revenue sharing money this year, because they have been so thrifty with it).

“There are deep concerns," Brown said. "They feel it is not being used in the spirit that they think it is supposed to be. The money is supposed to be used to improve the on-the-field product. When you have some teams staying at the bottom of the standings year in and year out, there is concern that the money is not being used properly.”

The funny thing about the Levine-Mark Attanasio battle is that Attanasio is actually doing a great job with the Brewers. Why he feels the need to complain about the Yankees, doesn't make much sense.

Henry criticized the smaller market teams in an article in the Boston Globe late last year. The Yankees and Red Sox are playing by the rules, it is actually some of these smaller teams (the Pirates, Royals and Marlins) that could be examined a little more closely.