Lester to Yankees rumor buzzing

SAN DIEGO -- It all adds up. The Yankees diving in late to steal the top left-hander on the market, a former Red Sox and a top free agent without the penalty of a first-round pick.

The Yankees and Jon Lester seem like a pretty good match, even with the Yankees' new hope to not dish out long-term pitching contracts to those 30 years or older.

The Yankees have insisted they are not in on Lester. As late as 7 p.m. ET Monday, that was still the case.

However, ESPN Insider Jerry Crasnick is hearing some buzz from sources outside the Yankees organization that the Yankees could be playing possum and might land Lester.

Crasnick also is hearing Lester prefers to stay on the east coast and in the AL East, if possible. As such, the Yankees could just decide it would be smarter to invest their money in Lester than in Chase Headley and/or David Robertson. They also might think that without the first-round pick attached to Lester -- because he was traded during the season -- he's a better play than Max Scherzer, who will cost a first-round pick.

If we were running the team, we would be in on Lester and Scherzer.