Worse contract: A-Rod or Sanchez?

By the numbers alone, it looks like no contest: The Yankees owe Alex Rodriguez $114 million for the next five seasons while the Jets can be free of their commitment to Mark Sanchez, their disenfranchised quarterback, in one year and mere $8.25 million.

But I suppose it depends on how much value you put on winning a championship. The Yankees, of course, won the 2009 World Series with A-Rod and, by most assessments, would not have gotten there without him. The Jets, on the other hand, got no further than the AFC title game, twice, with Sanchise, and have now failed to make the playoffs two years in a row.

So is that added $106 million for A-Rod -- the difference between what is left on their two deals -- worth one championship? The Yankees spent a ton on A-Rod -- and will continue to spend for the next five years -- but at least have one piece of hardware to show for it. The Jets invested a lot less in Sanchez, and pretty much got nothing out of it, and now must find a new quarterback to lead them out of this mess.

So you make the call -- which deal was worse? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks.