A-Rod, Selig attend PA boss' funeral

Alex Rodriguez and Bud Selig both attended the funeral for beloved Players Association union leader Michael Weiner in Paramus, N.J., on Sunday. Weiner's widow, Diane Margolin, had some beautiful words about Weiner, who was just 51, who died of cancer.

"He clearly did not want us to be saddened by his diagnosis or what his illness did to him," Diane Margolin said. "He wanted us to dine, dance and play ball, stay on track with our lives, go to school, go to work, carry on. And by doing so now, we will honor Mike's life."

After the funeral, Rodriguez participated in a charity event in upper Manhattan for Hispanics Across America, in which food was distributed to elderly people. Rodriguez was at the event in Washington Heights for about a half-hour. He did not speak to three reporters who were on hand.

HAA is the group that has picketed in support of Rodriguez during the arbitration hearing.