First Pitch: Cano on display

A baseball official monitoring the potential Robinson Cano sweeptakes said he thought the Yankees' biggest rivals for Cano, if he hits free agency, would not be the Dodgers, but the Phillies or the Cubs.

The Phillies, who are in the midst of one of those gazillion dollar new TV deals, would have to decide if they wanted to turn to Cano and turn away from Chase Utley, while the Cubs could look to fast-forward their rebuilding process.

The official thought that Cano would end up with $200 million over eight years.

Still, it is hard to count the Dodgers out, despite their struggles playing the cash game.

Beginning Tuesday, the Dodgers will get a first-hand look at what they could be bidding on as they renew the old rivalry in the Bronx for the next two nights. Cano, named after Jackie Robinson, would prefer to stay with the Yankees, but if he were to leave I think he would want to go to a marquee team. The Dodgers would definitely qualify.

Cano switched from Scott Boras to CAA and Jay-Z and the feeling was that would mean a deal with the Yankees. Neither Cano, nor his new agents, have said that is the case.

Why would they? That would take away their bargaining power, but if Cano -- who comes in at .278 with 16 homers and 42 RBIs -- is going to receive top dollar, it would nice for him to impress the Dodgers.

He will get a chance over the next two days to show them what he's got in person.

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