No Tulo trade in works

As the job dictates, the Yankees basically check in on every available player. Either Brian Cashman or his assistant, Billy Eppler, try to stay in contact with all of the other clubs so if a player is out there, the Yankees can consider him.

There is a CBS report, the Yankees recently checked in on Troy Tulowitzki.

A source said the Yankees are not in pursuit of Tulowitzki.

Here are the some of the reasons why -- unless something drastically changes --- they are not going after him.

1) He just had hip surgery.

2) He is owed $114 million.

3) He has averaged only 88 games per year during the past three seasons.

4) They acquired Didi Gregorius to be their shortstop, possibly in a platoon.

5) They want to get younger and healthier. Tulo is 30 and has a bad hip.

6) Unless the Rockies are going to give him away, the Yankees would have to sacrifice top-end talent from a farm system they are attempting to rebuild.

So unless something changes -- I can't even imagine what -- the Yankees are not trading for Tulowitzki at this time.