Yankees put in a bid for Darvish

The Yankees put in a bid for Yu Darvish, sources told Buster Olney. The exact offer is unknown.

It is not unexpected that the Yankees would put a number out there, but it would be a little surprising if it was a very high one. The Yankees have downplayed the idea of getting Darvish. From the beginning, the Yankees have maintained they weren't going to go hot and heavy after Darvish.

There is a chance that the Yankees were playing possum, but a team official went out of his way on Monday to explain that was not the case. After the bidding were finalized, another Yankee insider said he didn't think the team's position had changed and thought that the team may have put in a modest bid.

But a bid is a bid and until we know otherwise the Yankees are in this thing.

The Nippon Ham Fighters have until Tuesday to decide if they want to accept the highest bid. If they do, the team that wins will have 30 days to reach an agreement.

When reached by email, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said he wouldn't say if the Yankees had put in a bid or not.