Trout: 'I'm more New York than Cotto'

Much has been made of Miguel Cotto's home court advantage over Austin Trout at Madison Square Garden. Cotto is 8-0 at the Garden and has said he sees the crowd, most of whom will be there to see him do his thing, as almost a second trainer and ace motivational coach.

Trout, though, takes issue with the "the Garden is Cotto's home" meme.

"I'm more New York than Cotto!" Trout told me. I asked him to explain. He told me his mom was born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. His grandmother lives in Brooklyn still, and her dad lives in Harlem. "I also have mad cousins and aunts in New York," he said.

The WBA junior middleweight champ Trout also played another card, informing me that he is part Panamanian. "I'm (MLB Hall of Famer) Rod Carew's third cousin," he informed me. I joked that Cotto might not like it if some Roberto Duran-style Panamanian comes out in the ring at MSG.

The crowd, of course, would not mind at all. I expect Trout to box smartly using his reach and his southpaw stance to full affect. I don't expect to see much of that Trout-as-Duran sort of style.

See for yourself at MSG tomorrow -- first fight starts at 5:15 p.m. or so -- or on Showtime. The Main Event is scheduled for an 11 p.m. start. Follow NYFightBlog all night long, as well, that goes without saying.

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