Danny Jacobs gets TKO at Barclays

Danny Jacobs looked sharp in taking out Keenan Collins in round four at Barclays Center Saturday night. The Brownsville-born middleweight was putting combos together from the start on Collins, a Pennsylvania fighter.

Now living in Park Slope, Jacobs weighed in after his TKO victory, which raised him to 25-1.

"I was definitely more aggressive and in better shape than he was," said the 26-year-old fighting for Golden Boy Promotions. "I wanted to test him. We were working on a combo in the gym called 'the rumble,' when my corner called for it, I threw punches and didn’t stop."

Looked to me like Jacobs, who was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine in May 2011, and was absent from the ring for a year and a half because of surgery and recuperation, is ready to take on a top 30 type. Does he feel the same? "I feel amazing, I don’t question the shape I’m in or my skills and I want to step up accordingly."

An aside: Jacobs is an immensely likeable kid, a person I’ve never heard utter a cross word or seen him so much as frown. He is trying to get a foundation going, which will bring attention to the fight against cancer, bullying and childhood obesity. As Jacobs explained, "I’m not just fighting for myself, I’m fighting for people with cancer, and to show that boxers, we’re dogs in the ring, but gentleman outside the ring."

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