Steve Smith opens up on Giants

Wide receiver Steve Smith did a web chat with NFL.com on Tuesday and chimed in on a number of topics.

He answered some questions that I routinely get on my chats – our next one is scheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m. so stop by! – and I figured this might interest you guys. Here are some of the highlights of what Smith had to say about his fellow wide receivers on the team and who he thinks will follow him and be this year’s breakout Giant:

On whether second-year WR Ramses Barden will make an impact this season:

“Yeah, I do. I see him getting on the field this year and catching some TDs in the red zone and making some plays for us. He was a third-round pick, so I'm assuming they want to get him on the field to see what he can do.”

On what fans should expect from second-year WR Hakeem Nicks this season:

“Man, just an even better season. He just scratched the surface last season. We've seen what he can do, especially after the catch. He's so good at that. I think he's on a mission to put up even bigger numbers next season.”

On which Giant he thinks will have a breakout season this year:

“Good question! I would say Ahmad Bradshaw, because I think the WRs will all progress, but Bradshaw is ready to take his game to another level. He had his ankles and feet worked on, and he has enough talent and enough ability to make some big plays for us.”

On the toughest cornerback he has faced in the NFL:

“I would say Marcus Trufant of the Seahawks. He's good. Strong, and athletic. I was younger then, but he was a tougher guy I went against. And Asante Samuel always plays us tough. He's a savvy vet. I want to have a good game against Samuel and the Eagles this year. ... No predictions, though, LOL.”

On his favorite route to run:

“I would say a slug-go. That's a slant-and-go. You can get the defender on his toes and make him guess. It's difficult to defend, and fun to run. When I hear slug-go in the huddle, I'm licking my chops, hoping for one-on-one coverage!”

On whether he has ever joked with Carolina’s Steve Smith on who is the better Steve Smith:

“We haven't yet. When I first met him, though, he said, ‘Don't get into any trouble, because they'll put my picture up in the papers!’ He's a really funny, competitive guy.”