Boley thinks Giants will be in good shape once lockout ends

Justin Tuck said last week that he planned on contacting teammates to make sure they were working out so that once the lockout ends, the Giants will have a head start on some teams.

Tuck says the Giants are equipped for a fast start because they kept head coach Tom Coughlin and his staff intact and they have several veterans expected to return from a 10-win team.

Linebacker Michael Boley agrees with Tuck’s assessment. Here's my breakdown of why the Giants should cope very well with a lengthy lockout.

“For teams who have come into this offseason with let’s say a new head coach or offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator, they don’t have much time at all,” Boley said on Sirius NFL radio. “They have time amongst coaches to get a game plan together. As far as implementing that and getting it to your players and then working through it, they don’t have that.”

The Giants have some key veterans who may be free agents, or restricted free agents, depending on the new collective bargaining agreement. But the Giants are expected to bring back many of their veterans.

So if a work stoppage threatens training camp, the Giants could be better off than perhaps the Cowboys or Eagles, two division rivals with new defensive coordinators.

“We’ve got everything intact,” Boley said. “We kept Coach Coughlin. The offensive side is still intact and the defensive side. So for us, once we finally do get back into things I don’t see things changing too much. So I think it should be pretty good on our side.”

Boley said linebackers coach Jim Herrmann sent out DVDs to the linebackers to study during the lockout when coaches are not allowed to have contact with players.

“Kind of giving us some plays that we had throughout the season,” Boley said. “He kind of did a voiceover on them, kinda letting us know ‘OK, this is what you did good on this play, this is what you did bad.’ Kind of giving us something to look at, something to kind of be critical of ourselves during the offseason while we’re missing that time away.”