Jets-Pats, the day after

Thoughts and observations on the New York Jets' 28-14 win over the New England Patriots:

• There's a good chance that Revis Island will be shut down for a couple of weeks. Nothing official yet from the Jets, but the feeling is that Darrelle Revis will miss at least two games -- the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. It would be smart to proceed with extreme caution. The Dolphins and Bills have the 25th- and 32nd-ranked passing offenses, respectively, so the Jets probably can afford to sit their star corner and let him heal. No need to rush him back.

• OLB Jason Taylor, who delivered his welcome-to-New York moment with the late strip sack of Tom Brady, is going to be fine for Miami. He apparently hyperextended his left elbow in the game, but he's not wearing a brace or any type of sling. Prepare for a week of Taylor hype.

• It's easy to blame Revis for getting burned on Randy Moss' 34-yard touchdown catch, but there was confusion in the secondary between safeties Eric Smith and Jim Leonhard. Revis apparently was supposed to have deep help on the play. There was none. Even with that glitch, it took a highlight-film catch by Moss to make it a completion.

• It got lost in the post-game shuffle, but rookie CB Kyle Wilson did a real nice job on Wes Welker in the second half -- two catches for five yards. In the first half, the Jets used a "committee" approach on Welker. According to ESPNBoston.com, Wilson covered him on eight of 20 snaps, Antonio Cromartie five of 20, Revis two of 20 (only when Moss was out of the game) and other coverages on five of 20.

• What's the over-under on Danny Woodhead's stay with the Patriots? I say 24 hours.

• When you face as much Cover-2 as the Patriots played, it's critical to have a pass-catching tight end like Dustin Keller. The soft spot in a two-deep is the middle, and Keller did a nice job of getting open in that area. That's a huge help to the overall passing game.

• Two games, two sacks allowed by LG Matt Slauson. Dude can run-block, though.

• For all the talk about how the Jets "opened up" their offense, they actually achieved perfect balance: 32 rushing plays, 33 passing plays. That's a dream day in Brian Schottenheimer's book. It shows they don't have to air it out to be effective, they just have to be smart and unpredictable.