Cromartie responds to speculation

Antonio Cromartie got wind of the speculation that he will be allowed to leave via free agency, which intensified Wednesday night by an NFL Network report, and he responded Thursday on his twitter page. Here's the unedited version (surprise: no profanity):

"U know I could careless about a rumor because as of now and until me and my business partners are told otherwise I'm a JET to the end. Gang Green baby. Plus it's just a rumor. Lol."

Naturally, the Jets aren't going to tip their hand, lest they hurt their leverage with other free agents, but I believe Cromartie isn't high on their priority list of free agents they want to re-sign. They're going to try to re-sign WR Santonio Holmes and WR Braylon Edwards, and possibly all-purpose weapon Brad Smith, before they get to Cromartie.

The Jets gave up a second-round pick to trade for Cromartie. If he turns out to be a one-year rental, it wouldn't reflect well on the front office.