Reyes launches his season

For Jose Reyes, his return to regular-season action had not exactly been a smashing success and there were grumblings that he was not 100 percent. But the effervescent shortstop finally launched his season last night with a four-hit night.

More than that, he hit one of his patented triples up the left-center field gap that plated the first two runs of the night for the homestanding Mets. “I must tell you when I saw Citi Field for the first time last year I felt I would hit a lot of triples here and never got the chance last year but I hope that triple will be the first of many for me this year,” said Reyes.

It was the first time the Mets had seen the explosive speed from Reyes that had been missing from the lineup for more than 10 months and his teammates noticed. “He is such a dynamic player,” said Jeff Francoeur, “and his impact cannot be truly measured. In this game, when he hit that triple it was a scoreless game but once he did what he did, I never really felt the Cubs were in the game.”

Aside from his obvious physical attributes, there is a maturity in Reyes that is evident and the shortstop knows why. “I grew up a lot last year,” said Reyes, “because I began to appreciate what I took for granted. It is an honor to play for the Mets and I missed it so much. What I missed the most was the winning because when we have been healthy we have been a winning team.”

Health is something that has evaded the Mets' organization the past 12 months and it looks like the team will be missing Carlos Beltran for a little longer than first anticipated. “There is no doubt we miss Carlos but Angel Pagan is doing a great job filling in and the big difference is we are missing one player instead of 5 or 6,” said Reyes.

Reyes has always been a player that the Mets have relied on for both run production and the emotional jumpstart that only a player like him can provide. This was illustrated on a cool spring night at CitiField as he simply took over the game putting it in the win column. All on a night when Jose Reyes finally lifted the curtain on his 2010 season.