HoJo says he's still in dark

Howard Johnson, who was not retained by the Mets as hitting coach, indicated Tuesday he has a commitment from the organization to remain employed but has yet to learn his role.

"They want me back, so it's just a matter of figuring out where I fit," he said. "As of right now, nothing's been decided. We haven't had a lot of contact because they've been busy with other things."

Asked if the limited dialogue was unsettling, HoJo replied: "It'd be nice to know at some point, but I can't control everything. There's still some things that we have to discuss because everything's in transition with the organization. They've got a lot of things they have to do. I wouldn't think I'm the first thing on their agenda. I'm still on the payroll."

HoJo said he speaks with David Wright "a lot" and also Daniel Murphy.

"My relationship with them goes beyond baseball," HoJo said. "I'm not working with them."