Sunday night bowling will be serious

Think the Sunday night bowling events Terry Collins is organizing for the Mets are going to be laid back? Think again, apparently.

After David Wright took batting practice Monday in Port St. Lucie, the conversation between Collins, bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello and Wright shifted to the start-up bowling league. The trio resolved that the first Sunday should be to gauge people's ability, so that teams can be balanced. They also discussed finding a scorekeeper, so standings and overall pin totals can be kept week-to-week. (Assistant GM John Ricco's name came up as a potential commissioner -- or at least scorekeeper -- but the trio quickly laughed it off, concluding Ricco had plenty on his plate as it is.)

“I love doing stuff like that anyway, whether it’s golfing, bowling," Wright said. "I love getting together with the guys and just having a competition like that. I guess we’ll find out soon what kind of bowler I am. But if I’m going to participate, I’m going to try to go out there and win."

Bored in Virginia this offseason, Wright has picked up a bowling ball a few times this winter.

“Sometimes there’s not a lot to do," the third baseman said. "I’ve picked up the bowling ball a few times this offseason, especially once I heard we’re going to have this league. I don’t want to be surprised by anything. So I practiced a little bit and I think I’m ready to go.”

Wright originally was coy about what he can bowl, but then offered: “I think it’s just the same with my baseball -- just a lot of inconsistencies. Every once in a while I’ll creep up around 200. I can also bowl a 120 or 130. Just like baseball, I think it’s kind of parallel. I need to find some consistency in baseball, find some consistency in bowling.”

Collins offered a similar analysis, saying he's fully capable of hitting 190, but he's just as capable of bowling a 140 or even 110. The 61-year-old Collins acknowledged part of the fluctation is the result of arthritis in his bowling hand that tends to flare up.

Wright said he loves Collins' idea to get the team together for weekly bowling nights.

“I love the fact that he’s so energetic, not only about baseball, just about everything in general," Wright said about his manager. "... I think there’s a lot to be said for the kind of chemistry you have in the clubhouse, and I think that builds it, so I think it’s a tremendous idea.”