Figgy dishes on Mets

Right-hander Nelson Figueroa isn’t surprised by the continued circus-like atmosphere around the Mets. Figueroa, who returned to Citi Field with the Philadelphia Phillies and was roughed up in the eighth inning Tuesday, experienced it firsthand while with the Mets.

“Being in New York, you're always going to [have] drama whether it's on the field or off the field, in the front office or the clubhouse there's always going to be drama," Figueroa was quoted by the New York Post.

Contrasting the Philadelphia clubhouse, he added: "[New York] doesn't even come up in conversation here. We don't worry about New York or the other teams. That's always been going on over there. 'What did Jimmy Rollins say?' a couple years ago when he said they were the team to beat in the East. They proved it. A year later, guys were making plans for the playoffs with two weeks left to play. Up five games, 'We're fine.' Then to see it slowly slip away and to say goodbye to Shea Stadium the way we did, that was hard."