Joe to Swish: Don't miss

It sounds like Nick Swisher will have to show some restraint swinging the bat over the next few days.

Swisher was back in the lineup on Tuesday night after leaving Monday night’s game in the sixth inning with tightness in his right forearm.

Swisher on Tuesday characterized the feeling in his forearm as a “sharp pain.”

“It’s more of a sharp pain,” the right fielder said. “It’s a zing when it happens, and then it kind of goes away.”

Joe Girardi said that Swisher needs to keep his swing compact to avoid aggravating the injury. The manager suggested that the compact approach would help Swisher allow the ball to come to him at the plate, thereby helping him maintain a balanced swing.

"He needs to keep the hitting area more in his body,” Girardi said. “It might be a blessing in disguise because it’s going to force him to back the ball up a little bit.”

Girardi said he “probably” would have played Swisher if Alex Rodriguez (calf) and Lance Berkman (ankle) were in the lineup on Tuesday. But with A-Rod and Berkman out, the manager hit Swisher fifth in the lineup to protect Robinson Cano.

“I had him go through his work in the cage to make sure he was alright so I put him in there,” Girardi said.