The Beast prediction: Cowboys own Vikes

It's that time of the week when I finally release my prediction to America. Folks are huddled around their fireplaces tonight waiting for my Cowboys-Vikings pick, unless they live on the West Coast. Obviously, there's a ton of pressure riding on this prediction since we've added so many readers from the NFC North blog this week. But before we get to the main feature, let's look at what the real experts in Bristol thought about this game.

Six of our esteemed panelists picked the Cowboys to win on the road, but former Eagles Eric Allen and Ron Jaworski picked the Vikings. Interestingly, Accuscore and SportsNation both went with the Vikings.

The Beast Prediction: Cowboys 24, Vikings 16. I have to go with the hot team theory, and the Cowboys are definitely in a better place than the Vikings. I don't think the Vikings' offensive line can hold off Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware long enough for Brett Favre to get the ball downfield. And let's stop all this talk about Adrian Peterson. No one runs on the Cowboys, and Peterson hasn't been all that effective late in the season -- by his ridiculous standards. I think the Cowboys could struggle a little bit covering tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, but it won't be a fatal flaw. I'll be catching a plane to Minneapolis on Saturday, so the NFC East blog will be at the Metrodome to bring you all the action.

Please continue to refresh your screens for constant updates -- on Sunday. All my best.