Jimmy has no sympathy for Cowboys

In the aftermath of the Vikings' final touchdown in a 34-3 win over his former team, Fox's lead analyst Troy Aikman said that he didn't have a problem with coach Brad Childress going for the late score. Aikman added that former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson might've done the same thing, and a few minutes later, Johnson concurred.

"It was a butt kicking," said Johnson during the postgame show. "If you don't want your butt kicked, play better."

As my guy Barry Horn from the Dallas Morning News noted, Johnson seemed to have an angry tone in his voice after the game. He's no longer on Jones' payroll, but it does seem like he still feels a lot of passion for the organization.

I've read a couple of accounts that indicated that Wade Phillips joined linebacker Keith Brooking in criticizing Childress for running up the score. But I attended Phillips' postgame news conference and didn't get that sense at all. He mentioned the words "running up the score," but he followed that up by praising the Vikings for their performance. Brooking, the team's emotional leader, seemed to be the guy most bothered by the touchdown.

Childress responded by saying there were no "articles of war" in football. And while that might be true, it will be interesting to see how things play out when the Cowboys return to Minneapolis for a regular-season game in 2010.