Eagles taking over the Pro Bowl?

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News has an information-filled blog item that I wanted to send in your direction. He notes that cornerback Sheldon Brown would be the next man up for the NFC Pro Bowl roster if one of the three players in front of him drops out. The Eagles already know that quarterback Donovan McNabb will be added to the roster, which gives them eight players in all.

Does that seem like a high number for a team that went belly up in its final two games? Absolutely. But of course the votes were tallied before those games were played. I thought Brown did an admirable job playing through injuries this season, but do you guys think he played better than Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins? I certainly don't.

Obviously, the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. Once Jenkins earns his way onto the team, he'd have to play pretty poorly to miss out on subsequent trips. Terence Newman's been added to the roster, but I don't think anyone in Dallas would argue that he performed better than Jenkins this season.

Having players drop out of the Pro Bowl isn't uncommon, but because of the date change, I think we'll see more dropouts than usual this time around. And that's why the Eagles and Cowboys could combine to have 16 players in uniform for the game. Honestly, there's no perfect answer for the Pro Bowl. I would have no problem if the league decided to save some money and just stop having the game.

Players would be furious because many of them have contract incentives tied into the Pro Bowl. Would you guys be upset if you woke up one day and the Pro Bowl had been canceled -- forever?

Bowen also has some good stuff on Donovan McNabb and how some of his stats from this season aren't quite as impressive as some of us may have thought. He linked to an interesting statistical analysis on a blog called The Scouts Notebook.

In other news, Jerry Jones announced that Wade Phillips is one of the shrewdest talent evaluators around.