Report: Dealer said he was Vick's supplier

A convicted steroids trafficker from Plano, Texas, named David Jacobs told the Dallas Morning News in 2008 that he supplied Michael Vick with performance-enhancing drugs while Vick was playing for the Atlanta Falcons. The newspaper didn't report the allegation at that time because authorities declined to confirm that Vick was part of the Jacobs investigation.

But a newly released document shows that federal agents and prosecutors questioned Vick about steroids and human growth hormone while investigating his involvement in a dog-fighting ring in 2007, according the newspaper. Per the document, a DEA informant said that Vick was overheard telling someone that he "liked his product" during a Falcons Christmas party in 2006. Vick told investigators in 2007 that the conversation did not take place and that he's never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Jacobs killed himself and his girlfriend in June 2008, according to authorities. Representatives from the Eagles and Falcons declined to comment about Jacobs' allegations when reached by the Dallas Morning News. Here's the statement that the NFL provided the DMN:

"Based on our investigation and the available information, we have been unable to substantiate any of Mr. Jacobs' claims that he provided performance-enhancing substances to NFL players. Consistent with our policy, we will continue to vigorously pursue all credible claims and take action as appropriate."