Did Phillips deserve longer extension?

I'm afraid initial reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would give head coach Wade Phillips a three-year contract extension have skewed our opinions on the deal. When Jones announced Thursday that he was giving Phillips a two-year extension, he made it known that he didn't want anyone to get too comfortable.

And that's why Phillips still has fewer years left on his contract than any of the other head coaches in the NFC East. Dallas Morning News columnist Jacques Taylor thinks that Jones didn't show enough faith in Phillips with the two-year extension.

"If Jerry was just going to pick up the option, the least he should've done considering the season the Cowboys had, then he should've given Wade a three-year deal," writes Taylor. "That's what San Diego gave Norv Turner as soon as its season ended and despite Turner's embarrassing home playoff loss to the Jets."

I wouldn't have necessarily opposed a three-year extension for Phillips, but let's not keep acting as if Phillips and Turner have had the same amount of success. Turner led the Chargers to the AFC Championship game in 2007 and he has won three playoff games and lost three. Phillips is 1-2 in the playoffs, losing twice in divisional round games.

Is it that hard to understand why Turner might deserve one more year in his new contract? I don't think so.