Colts-Skins: Quickly Quinn Gray vs. Todd Collins

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

CANTON, Ohio -- In-game thoughts from the dark front row of the press box at Fawcett Stadium:

  • You're welcome, Jason Campbell. The Colts started the game with an onside kick, and failed to recover. Washington and its new offense began the game on the Colts' 45-yard line. Three plays and Campbell had a 20-yard TD pass to Antwaan Randle El. Indy was happy to oblige as the Skins try to get their new stuff off the ground.

  • Joseph Addai went out in the first series out with what officials deemed a "head injury." No way were we going to see him again. In the middle of the second quarter he was hanging with the running backs on the sideline.

  • The Colts front-line offense did well to get from third-and-long to second-and-manageable twice in its first (only?) drive. Skins corner Fred Smoot should have ended it when a bad pass for Reggie Wayne hit him at the goal line, but he dropped it. Jim Sorgi found a lot of the Colts basic passes, then they got to the red zone and he couldn't finish things. And yup, that was it for Sorgi.

  • Colts center Jamey Richard created a mini-stat team controversy when he snapped a ball through the end zone for a second-quarter safety. However, as it's officially written up in the press box, Richard's snap looked like a field goal attempt as it sailed over Quinn Gray's head and then skittered out the back of the end zone. Write that on the stat sheet, everyone will understand. Jeff Saturday won't do that when it matters.

  • Late second quarter, I focused for a series on Indy defensive tackle Eric Foster, the undrafted rookie out of Rutgers who's had some encouraging things said about him. He's flipped between left and right tackle, working pretty hard. A couple times he helped steer a back towards a tackler. He goes a lot against right guard Jason Fabini, an 11-year veteran who Washington is hoping is a second-stringer. Foster looked tired in the long series. He was away from the conclusion of a couple plays in a row and wasn't running hard to get involved. I suspect he was pleased when the series ended with a 39-yard field goal attempt by Shaun Suisham -- which was missed.

  • Forgot to mention this earlier: Chris Cooley had some interesting thoughts when he was asked about the Steve Smith-Ken Lucas fight in Carolina. It left Lucas with a broken nose and Smith with a two-game suspension for the start of the regular season.

"I don't think it causes a chemistry problem. I think it hurts the Panthers because Steve Smith is going to be missing the first two games. I think that's your biggest problem. But at the same time you've got to set down a rule that you can't just break someone's nose on the sideline. And if you know you're going to miss two games you maybe think about it a little more. I don't think it causes a chemistry problem, I assume that they get over it. It's not like we're a women's basketball team."

And how would women's basketball team be? "Just more drama."

Believe it or not, Chris got married this offseason.