Bye bye Warner, hello McNabb?

One of the greatest quarterbacks of the past 20 years has left the building in Glendale, Ariz., and that could open the door for another veteran. With Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner announcing his retirement Friday, Matt Leinart could inherit the starting job. But that sounds like a faulty plan to me. The Cardinals have already gone down that road -- and it wasn't a pleasant trip.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has a home in nearby Chandler, Ariz., and he has plenty of friends on the Cardinals roster. I know that head coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff have immense respect for McNabb. It's hard to imagine the Eagles giving up McNabb for anything less than a first-round pick, but let's keep our eye on this situation.

If we're saying that Minnesota and Arizona are both in play for McNabb, I think he would prefer playing for the Cardinals. I realize the Vikings have more weapons, but playing in Glendale would much better for McNabb and his family -- especially if he received a new three-year contract.

I've been mentioning the Browns as a potential suitor because their new general manager Tom Heckert knows McNabb so well from his time with the Eagles. We'll keep you posted throughout the offseason.