McNabb not eyeing Cardinals opening

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb knew that Kurt Warner's retirement from the Cardinals on Friday would bring a new wave of questions. He said it's the same song, fourth or fifth verse.

"Everything is going to come up that involves me," McNabb said. "It seems like every offseason involves Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb, so we're going to hear about that the whole offseason. So get ready: Is Brett retiring? What's he going to do? And in Philly Donovan McNabb ... so get ready for that. But I don't get involved in all that."

Well, it's sort of hard not to get involved when you're a key figure in one of the most compelling storylines of the offseason. McNabb and Favre will be linked for different reasons this time around. If Favre truly walks away (riiiight), then Brad Childress will likely make a play for McNabb. But for now, McNabb wants to reiterate that he works in South Philly.

"We can win in Philly," McNabb said. "There's a place I want to be. It's the NovaCare Center. That's in Philadelphia. One NovaCare Way, where the Eagles practice and then they eat cafeteria food and they watch film and we eat and we have fun."

So we finally got to the heart of this saga. McNabb can't walk away from the cafeteria food at the NovaCare Center.