Diehl goes the distance in Pro Bowl

New York Giants left tackle David Diehl was thrilled to be added to the NFC Pro Bowl squad, but he hadn't planned on playing every snap. Diehl and Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters went the distance in last night's 41-34 loss to the AFC, in part, because Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie was kicked off the team for skipping practices. At least one of Diehl's teammates -- Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman -- said he would petition the league so that the offensive tackle would receive the $45,000 winners' share.

McKinnie should be embarrassed by his actions. Had he simply come up with an injury or "personal reason," the NFC could've added another offensive tackle. Instead, McKinnie made the trip to South Florida and then decided to skip the practice sessions. And with the laidback approach during Pro Bowl week, it's not like McKinnie would've been taxed.

"I can’t speak for him,” Diehl said. “But I know a lot of guys are upset and I know guys that are on the Vikings, especially the guys here, they’re here for everything -- the team stuff and everything. You’re out here for the guys next to you. You’re out here trying to give yourself the best opportunity to win the game."

Something tells me that McKinnie will lose some votes from coaches and players next season no matter how he performs on the field. And I think that would be an appropriate response.